Integrative Kinesiology

Human beings are constantly in action – physically, emotionally and spiritually. This flexibility of action supports them in their endeavor to become true to themselves.

Basically man is good natured. He wants to achieve fulfillment. In the course of his life, though, he can reach consciously and subconsciously conclusions or decisions which prevent him from having a successful and happy life.

This is where Integrative Kinesiology comes in.

  • Detecting the Sources of Stress
    Conscious or unconscious aspects of stress are detected and released with the use of specific questions and muscle-testing.
  • Discovering the Origin of the Problem
    If unacceptable behavioral patterns come back or do not disappear then it is important to detect the time and place of its origin so that its transformation into a successful behavioral pattern can come true.
  • Programming a New Selfimage
    On the physical level new insights and convictions are integrated with specific muscle-work. The new integrated selfimage leads step by step to success.